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You can make a big difference to medical research by fundraising for the Garvan Institute.
Start your own event or celebration, fundraise at work or school, or just get fit and have fun!

There are many ways you can help.

  • Brad just donated $1,020
  • Tarryn Thornton xx just donated $105.50
  • Pina Mastroianni just donated $31.65
  • Justine Field just donated $52.75
  • Anonymous just donated $20
  • Anonymous just donated $20
  • Friends and Family of Anna just donated $237.38
  • Michele just donated $211
  • The Lynch Family just donated $50,000
  • Rosy, Mark and Annabella xxx just donated $105.50
  • Aarini Misra just donated $52
  • Michelle Bostan just donated $52
  • Antonia Basile just donated $105.50
  • Rosaria, Giovanni Albanese just donated $105.50
  • Fugen just donated $1,020
  • Rosanna Marsella just donated $50
  • Peter and Chrissa Vlandis just donated $1,020
  • UTS just donated $5,055
  • Hayes just donated $1,000
  • Gregory Berdoukas just donated $105.50

Choose your fundraising style

Create your own event

Host your own fundraising event at home, school or work and raise funds for the Garvan Institute.

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In celebration

Make your special day more meaningful by asking for donations instead of gifts.

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In memory

Giving in memory of a loved one can be a powerful and lasting way to celebrate their life.

Set up a tribute page

Join a sporting event or challenge

Register for an existing sporting event or challenge.

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Wedding Favours

Make a wedding favours and send it
to a loved one.

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Garvan gift cards

Make a donation and send an e-card to a loved one in lieu of a traditional gift. You can personalise and send the card by email or print at home.

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How funds raised help make a difference

Help provide essential equipment for labs

Help fund more scientist to continue their crucial work

Help fund more time for our scientists to conduct their research

Fundraising stories

In 2010, the Rizzo family raised $2,000 at a breast cancer fundraiser on their back verandah. Sisters Santina, Marina and Grace, and Grace’s daughter Yasmina never imagined that two years later they’d raise a further $10,000.

“Suddenly, these events took on a whole new meaning. It was now very real to us”.

The events took on a new meaning in 2014 when both Grace and their cousin Aurora were diagnosed with breast cancer. For their 2016 fundraiser, they decided to donate the proceeds to Garvan. And it was bigger than ever – with 500 people and two events, the Rizzo family raised an amazing $43,000.

More information

If you have a fundraising question, want to run your idea by someone, or simply want to find out more, get in touch. You can contact our community fundraising team below.

Phone: 1300 73 66 77

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