Seize the Day! In memory of Jessye Campbell

By Trish Campbell

Jessye’s life was ended prematurely in January 2022 by Bone Cancer (Osetoarcoma). She was 20 years old.

Jessye was an incredibly positive, engaged and active young woman who really wanted life. She loved challenges of all types and seized every opportunity that came her way to experience all that life had to offer, even as her disease advanced and eventually overcame her.

She loved:

- the physical challenges and sensations of cycling, rowing, horse riding, judo and skydiving,

- the mental challenges of learning about and living in a foreign culture,

- the intellectual challenges of school, university and private study,

- the emotional challenges of remaining positive and enthusiastic about life whatever difficulties came her way.

Jessye’s Seize the Day! Appeal celebrates Jessye’s 21st birthday on 27 June 2022. Over a period of three months following her birthday, the family is encouraging all who knew Jessye, and even those who didn’t, to do something special in her memory and to honour the way she lived. To take on a challenge for themselves, or to organise an adventure or a fundraising event - and to donate to bone cancer research.

All funds raised and donated to the Garvan Institute for Medical Research through Jessye’s tribute page will be directed specifically to sarcoma research.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Trevor And Kathryn Eden

We knew of Jessye through conversations with Bruce and were always amazed by her approach to life. We appreciated the opportunity of supporting this cause


Donna Hodgson

A life lived to the full, an inspiration to all. Always remembered. Xxx


Adam/michele Plumridge

We have such fond memories of meeting you and your family, including your mum Daphne at Wistow. Jessye was such a brave heart and so very inspiring. You are all imprinted in our memories. We send our love and best wishes. Chele and Adam


Gerald Little

Jessye will always be part of our home group and we were so lucky to share memories with her.


Margaret Atena

Seizing the opportunity to plan the next trip in memory of Jessye.


Cove Print

What an amazing girl Jessye was. We'll have to think of a challenge for ourselves to be part of the celebration of her life!


Michele Thompson

What a brilliant idea. Happy 21st birthday gorgeous Jessye. She will be enjoying all adventures and looking down upon everyone.


Michael Green