Seize the Day! In memory of Jessye Campbell

By Trish Campbell

Jessye’s life was ended prematurely in January 2022 by Bone Cancer (Osteosarcoma). She was 20 years old.

Jessye was an incredibly positive, engaged and active young woman who really wanted life. She loved challenges of all types and seized every opportunity that came her way to experience all that life had to offer, even as her disease advanced and eventually overcame her.

She loved:

- the physical challenges and sensations of cycling, rowing, horse riding, judo and skydiving,

- the mental challenges of learning about and living in a foreign culture,

- the intellectual challenges of school, university and private study,

- the emotional challenges of remaining positive and enthusiastic about life whatever difficulties came her way.

Jessye’s Seize the Day! Appeal celebrates Jessye’s 21st birthday on 27 June 2022. Over a period of three months following her birthday, the family is encouraging all who knew Jessye, and even those who didn’t, to do something special in her memory and to honour the way she lived. To take on a challenge for themselves, or to organise an adventure or a fundraising event - and to donate to bone cancer research.

All funds raised and donated to the Garvan Institute for Medical Research through Jessye’s tribute page will be directed specifically to sarcoma research.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Trevor And Kathryn Eden

We knew of Jessye through conversations with Bruce and were always amazed by her approach to life. We appreciated the opportunity of supporting this cause


Margaret Baker

God bless and comfort you at this time - she was a very special young lady. Margaret Baker




Donna Hodgson

A life lived to the full, an inspiration to all. Always remembered. Xxx


Qld Braille Music Camp


Jane, Barry, Gabrielle & Chantelle

Our home was your home Jessye. You touched our lives & our hearts and taught us so much without you even knowing it. We will cherish the memories forever


Trish Campbell

Forever in my heart, Jessye. You are a part of me forever. Thanks for the laughs, the adventures, the special times together. We all marvelled at your strength and determination to live life in the best way possible - whatever. I love you so much.


Adam/michele Plumridge

We have such fond memories of meeting you and your family, including your mum Daphne at Wistow. Jessye was such a brave heart and so very inspiring. You are all imprinted in our memories. We send our love and best wishes. Chele and Adam


Bruce Oswald

We miss you, Jessye. You enriched our lives and made everything so special. Thanks for everything. Love you forever. Dad


David Mcgrath

An amazing initiative for a wonderful person. Jessye is an inspiration to all of us. We consider ourselves so very lucky to have had the chance to get to know her. All our love, Dave, Xuanwei and Liam.xx


Valerie Mcgrath

A life model for us all! So proud to be part of her family. Beautiful, inspiring, talented, courageous, a joy to us all! So much love xxxxx


Gerald Little

Jessye will always be part of our home group and we were so lucky to share memories with her.


Adrian And Lauren Riessen


Cube Architects

an inspiration in life and after


Colleen Sheerin And Family

I make this donation on behalf of the Sheerin family. We are thinking of Jessye today on her 21st birthday.


David S. Bruce


Nic Tubb

Me dismissing the Year 10 science class: We'll see each other after the long weekend. Jessye: Well I won't. Me: Face palm. Jessye: Biggest cheesy grin ever as she walks off laughing at me. The lessons you taught me matter and I am a better teacher having known you. Thank you, Jessye




Elizabeth Mcgrath

Jessye was such an incredible, special and inspirational young woman. Always in my thoughts xxx


Graeme Harris

We are thrilled to have known Jessye and will remember her fondly each time our grandies wear the jacket.


Susan Farnhill Née Leckie

Jessye was greatly loved enjoyed and admired by Mum and Dad ( Jean and Bill Leckie). I have lit a candle on their behalf. I like to think Mum is giving her a hug right now Love Sue Farnhill


Cath And Riccardo Parrinello

Jessye was an inspiration and she is really missed!


Anna Olijnyk

I was not lucky enough to meet Jesse, but hearing Bruce speak about her inspires me to live life and love my family.


Margaret Atena

Seizing the opportunity to plan the next trip in memory of Jessye.


Cove Print

What an amazing girl Jessye was. We'll have to think of a challenge for ourselves to be part of the celebration of her life!


Tom Oswald


Sue Jones


Michele Thompson

What a brilliant idea. Happy 21st birthday gorgeous Jessye. She will be enjoying all adventures and looking down upon everyone.




Andrew And Casandra Whisson


Luisa Silveira

It was great to meet Jessye. So much intelligence and zest for life life packed in a young girl.



In memory of Jessie a really special mady


Michael Green


Elena Harrison

A perfect idea. Jessie continues to change the lives of others, what a beautiful human.




Lise Temple

Such strength is truly inspirational


Amy Park