In memory of Myra Read

By Michael Read

Myra, 1955 - 2016

My wife and best friend for 38yrs

Myra passed away from pneumonia a year after a horrendous tongue cancer surgery to remove most of her tongue and a long history of multiple auto-immune disorders CREST 

My, I miss you and think of you every day

You were such an inspiration and beacon to me and many others

Destiny dealt you a rough hand but you overcame so many obstacles with courage and determination.

Remembering your gracefulness and style makes me smile.

Many have commented that you possessed a colourful spectrum of personality, much like your beloved garden when in bloom. 

Strong, willful and determined and on the other side gentle, loving, loyal and kind.

You were passionate about medicine and health and new discoveries to help outlier illnesses.

Many of your specialists were amazed by what you had achieved which is testament to your determination and investigation.

Dearest My these donations to help in your quest

Thank you to my Sponsors


Mike Read


Family And Friends 2016


Michael Read

Dearest My this donation to help you to help others in their quest to solve many of challenges you faced Love Mike