In memory of Anna Pelosi

By Lucy Pelosi

It has been ten years since our beautiful mamma passed away. Not a day goes by that we don’t think about her. We know that she guides us from above and we hope to continue to make her proud by finding ways to make a difference in this world. 

Please support the Garvan Institute’s Cancer Research program… every donation will bring us one step closer to finding a cure for this insidious disease. 

For anyone who needs it, in the words of our mamma “Forza e Coraggio!” xox 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Anna’s Family And Friends

Sempre nei nostri cuori.




Rosy, Mark And Annabella Xxx

Mamma would be proud of you. We love you xxx


Antonia Basile


Rosanna Marsella

In memory of beautiful Anna. May hope be brought to many through this research.


Aisling Considine


Lucy Accoto

Remembering Anna with fondest memories. Anna was a lady larger than life itself. Lucy, Rosy and Emilia, your Mama’s spirit lives with you and your families. Xx


Gobind, Radhika, Maynen & Shaylen

Her memory lives on in the 3 beautiful, strong and intelligent women who are her legacy. We know she would have been so proud of you and your families.


Marisa Biasucci


Adam Abbate

She would be so proud of you organising this in her memory.


Giovanni Albanese

Cannot believe it has been ten years since your Mum left us because I said I can still hear her voice and vividly remember our conversations. Thank-you for this opportunity to honour her memory. ❤❤❤


Pasquale & Rosaria Albanese

In memoria della tua Mamma vorremmo dare un piccolo contributo. E manda amore e forza a tutti voi.❤❤❤


Anne Collins

Your mum , I have no doubt, is so proud of you ❤️


Deb King

Beautiful Anna with be forever inspiring thanks to her love, wisdom, generosity, and wonderful family


Victoria & Farzad

Loved your beautiful Mum so much! I know you all miss her immensely. Sending big hugs your way xx


Tonia Borg-bonello

Your mother would be so proud of you! x