In memory of Ross Oswald Charles Keys (ROCK)

By Christine Berle-Keys

Ross was born on 27th October 1945 and lived at a few different Sydney addresses over the years and ultimately settled in Padstow.  Ross loved life which included; family, work, socialising, participating in various sports including golf, being a competitive and then social runner, a keen spectator of cricket and cycling and valued numerous friends during his life’s journey.

Ross battled cancer over many years and it was his competitive spirit which made him push on and fight hard.  In 2010 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, 2014 tonsil cancer, 2017 an early stage melanoma which was removed and in 2018 his cancer had metastasised to bone, lymphatic and lung cancer.

Ross undertook two immunotherapy trials at the Kinghorn Cancer Centre under the direction of Dr Venessa Chin, a medical oncologist and the lung cancer research fellow working in the fields of lung and head and neck cancer.  Dr Chin is part of the Cancer Developmental Biology group, where she is working on the genomic events which drive primary and metastasis formation in non-small cell and small cell lung cancer.  Ross was very supportive of Dr Chin’s research and held her medical team in the highest esteem.  Ross’ treatment/s also included several bouts of radiation, in 2019 back surgery and finally chemotherapy.

Ross was always disgruntled that he could not fly and often spoke and dreamt that he could; he earnt his wings on 30th September, 2021 when he passed over.

This page is a tribute to Ross’ personal tenacity in trying to fight this dreadful disease and it leaves a legacy for future innovative research.  Together we can be part of a team which makes this happen; please consider donating to Dr Chin’s special work.

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Geoff Mullins

I was fortunate enough to be able to consider Ross to be a great friend, He was always loyal and if he respected you, you a friendship that was very special. I had the honour to taking Ross to St Vincent's Hospital for his treatment on a number of occasions. A very special man.




Nicole Keys